The Necks Are The Perfect Soundtrack For My Night Time Walks With My Dog

The Necks, an Australian trio who’s been recording music for more then thirty years, is just what I need right now.
I’ve been listening lately to their wonderful 1998 release The Boys
(A soundtrack to a film in the same name), and I gotta say that in night time walks with my deaf dog, Oren the King – this album is just the added value these trips need.
The Necks - The Boys OST
Usually, The Necks is recording VERY long tracks, sometimes an hour long, with abstract improvisation, but on this album it’s a different case. The trio – piano-bass-drums, repeats some melodic lines over and over again while adding acoustic and electric instruments here and there, which ends up to be some beautiful environmental pieces of music – and short ones, three to six minutes. There are some longer tracks but the overall vibe is very focused and maintain the cinematic-jazz-post rockish in a way – vibe.

The ambiance reminds me the mood that Califone passes in every album of theirs, and if Tim Rutili would get Bill Wells with him and possibly the Swedish duo Tape – this release would be the result.

The Necks – The Sleep Of Champions
[Buy]The Boys

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