The Near-Elevator Experience Of Buffalo Moon

Another kind of Buffalo band was born. After the world got to know Avi Buffalo, and the Tel Aviv based Buffalos, it’s time for Buffalo Moon.
Based in Minneapolis, MN, and it’s probably the best thing to come from this area since Brenda Walsh and her annoying righteous brother.
They define their style (the band, not the Walsh bros) as Dirty Bossa-Nova. The combination of those two last words, automatically irritates me, because Bossa-Nova is a genre I manage to hate for years now.

Buffalo Moon

Not anymore. Not when Moon Buffalo is involved anyway.
This five piece band manage to take Bossa elements, touches of psychedelic rock (I just described Os Mutantes, I know), and pour into it a lounge/exotica influences. Pay a visit to my review of Henry Mancini and Les Baxter where I described my longing for this style of music. Moon Buffalo does it amazingly authentic, as if it was made in the fifties. Not all the music goes to the brave elevator style, but the overall vibe totally recalls these cocktail parties.

Soon, the band will release their 7’’ which you can order online and out of this new release, they have released the brilliant song Low Tide Moon that have the word ‘classic’ smeared all over its face – the most perfect nostalgia retro.

We’ll wait and see what time will tell about them, I just wish them not to become another Vampire Weekend because I really don’t want another Jobim. I have too much of it in every elevator I stumble upon.

[RYIL] Os Mutantes, Tropicalla, Lounge, Henry Mancini
Buffalo Moon – Low Tide Moon

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