The Last, Sad Tango

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You’re probably asking yourself what’s that cool banner above.
Well, thanks for asking. It’s a new category here in Small Town Romance, that will deal with Psychedelic and Underground from South America. It was a crazy bubbling scene, with many fantastic groups, described by Josi, a wonderful person and expert to this field, from the Israeli psychedelic forum in Tapuz portal. More information about that here.
And now – let’s go to the first post.


Tango was originally born under the name of Jose Albert Iglesias. In 1963 he joined Los Dukes as their lead singer. They managed to record an album in 1965 after many shows that the key figures of the time participated in (Sandro y Los de Fuego, los Pick Ups y los Bobby Cats). Then, he was offered to record a solo album.

Tango was inspired to persue his solo career, went for it and quit the band. He did record couple of songs but they were never published. He started playing in the local underground scene as a solo artist under the name Ramses VII. Four months ago, these recordings were released for the first time.
Some say that his friendship with Javier Martinez actually was the kick off point of the Argentian rock scene.  He hooked up with people like Moris, Javier Martinez, Alejandro Medina, Pipo Lernoud, Sandro, Billy Bond, Litto Nebbia and many others.
It was the happiest time in his short life.

That period, he wrote in the toilet of La Perla De Once (the bohemian coffee place), what almost became the era’s anthem La Balsa.
He recorded couple of more demos between 69-70 but by then he was addicted to heavy drugs and the album I’m writing about now contains these demos, which were released after his death.
He influenced many musicians but eventually didn’t get to hold a proper solo album, and following the depression and heavy drug usage, he became a person that was very hard to communicate with – and eventually he committed suicide in 1972.

Tango – Amor De Primavera
Tango – Natural

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