The Free Improvisation of Solquest

I’ve never heard of Stefano Spataro, an Italian improve musician, not did I hear about his moniker Solquest, nor did I hear of the Nillacat records. But I am a Facebook friend of Monte Trent Allen from the wonderful band Rollerball (and their furious side-band Moodring).
Monte posted this link on the wall, leading to a free download of I Get To Live In Your Past by Solquest.

This is an interesting collection of improvised music, with touches of jazz, avantgarde, squeaks and cracks. Really undefinable. To me it sounds like a lost zombies film soundtrack from the seventies, something that will suit Bruno Nicolai or maybe Alejandro Jodorowskys soundtracks.

Anyway it’s a very cool album for fans of the genre.
(btw, I won’t be surprised to find out that this whole thing is a made up story, and Solquest is actually another moniker of Monte and Mae from Rollerball…;) )


[Download] Free and legit.

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