The fantastic folktronica of Double U

I get couple of emails a day from bands asking me to post about their songs. Since I still have a job and can’t listen to new music or write about all day, I keep them aside for Saturday morning, when I get up very early comparing to the fact it’s a rest-day, and I listen.
Pineapple Dream

Wool Recordings sent me an email, introducing the fantastic project of Frenchman Franck RabeyrollesDouble U.
Double U new album Pinneapple Dream will be released in April 12th in US, UK and Japan.
The promo tracks offering a very interesting glance at the project, which revolves around experimental pop aesthetics, some sort of a James Yorkston-ish folky touch (with a suspicious similarity to his voice, on Ring Me), and a light-16 Horsepower darkness.
Double U
Influences are vary, from Boards Of Canada in one hand, Crescent and Popul Vuh and Hawkwind and Gong. I’m very curious to hear how the new album will turn out, but according to these samlpes, it’s gonna be a good April.

Btw, am I the only one that this album cover reminds him of this fantatsic album?

Double U – Interludic Featuring Laetitia Sadier
Double U – Breathing The Wind
Double U – Ring Me

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