The Entrance Band – Dans La Tempete

The new ep by The Entrance Band is a great mixture of kickass garage, psych, Peter Green and Scott Walker – all in small doses. It’s a very short album by the trio, who’s been around since 2004 and released albums on Ecstatic Peace and Fat Possum.

Dans La Tempete contains some of that furious Arthur Lee fury but it also contains that lay back, early Black Angels vibe, in the last track Mellow Fantastic, which is indeed mellow and indeed fantastic. They also cover both Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Scott Walker’s amazing Seventh Seal (and they do it amazingly).
There’s something very heartful and honest in their music and their vibe is just perfect for me now. And, they make brilliant videos you should really check out.

Dans La Tempete was released by the excellent Spiritual Pajamas label, do check it out.

Oh yeah, and Back In The City is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. no doubt.

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