The Cave Sounds Of We Are Ghosts

Whenever I’m recording in the studio, I play the best I can and leave the track as it is.
I know it sounds obvious, but what I’m trying to say is that I only play two-three takes max, and leave that version as it is, With all the faults and dead notes, and ambient noises.

That approach to music, comes from my belief that music is created in a moment in a time, crafted from air, and should be returned to air again, without too much effort, without repetitive takes – just capture the moment and deliver. Life is not perfect, and therefor neither music should be.

That’s why I love what the Israeli group We Are Ghosts are doing.
They now have a new album called The Cave Sounds Of, which was recorded over one night, in a cave, without preparing, rehearsing or even writing the pieces. It’s all improvisation based, crafting the music from thin air, and recording it while the crafting is taking place.

The instruments that take place are Dobro, Glockenspiel, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Sitar and all sorts of percussive instruments. The result, is really great. It has that unique vibe that David Crosby had in his debut album If I  Could Only Remember My Name – a group of friends jamming and recording, freely, without any factors to take in consideration.

Most of all, if you’re fans of early Califone stuff, you’ll probably love this album. Tim Rutili should really listen to it, I’m sure this album will be an interesting perspective on a similar type of music, coming from the middle east and done only based on improv. To We Are Ghosts, I’ll recommend to check out Califone’s Deceleration One and Two. I’m sure they’ll find a similar language to theirs.
The albums is available through the band’s Bandcamp page, pay as much as you want. This is highly recommended album, and one interesting release in the Israeli alternative scene.

[Audio] We Are Ghosts – 10,000 B.C Blues

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