The Black Tambourine

I’m not sure if I’m being a shameless hipster when I write about it, but the upcoming release of the Black Tambourine really thrills me.
Black Tambourine existed for a vrey short time but nevertheless were influental on others. They mixed their obvious Jesus & Mary Chain/Pastels influences with pop songs, sweet and delicate, and burried them under fuzzy guitar layers. They sound almost like a high-speed Band Of Susans, poppy shoegazers about to take over the world.

So after releasing couple of singles here and there and sort of a compilation that gathers all their releases, the wonderful Slumberland label will issue in the end of the month an album with all their recordings, bonuses that never saw the light of the day, and an improved sound quality – and that’s a great reason to write about them.

It seems that bands like Hash Arbors and Wavvs, with their dense and thick guitar driven pop music, is somehow reviving the Tambourine music, and it’s not so far from the truth. The pop world needs a change, like always, and the Tambourine’s sound is rather original in the context of pop music (but nothing new if you’re in the Mary Chain zone), and their hooks and catchy melodies, manage to stay relevant even after 15+/- years.

Throw Aggie Off The Bridge

For Ex-Lovers Only

Buy (Insound)

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