The Acid-Folk Return (This Time In Swedish)

I got this email about a band called Laike, led by songwriter Christofer Ståhle from Sweden.

I get loads of emails about bands and artists, and I always look for that one thing in the description that will capture my attention. In this case it was the label that released Laike’s debut album, name of this label is Les Cousins. Les Cousins was THE place for folk music in 60’s folk revival in London. It was a place that hosted many fine musicians, most notably, my mentor and hero Bert Jansch.

So immediately I went to check the album and the label and I discovered an amazing psych-folk album, that sounds like a modern Synesthesia, Trees, Dando Shaft, with touches of a more upbeat Espers vibe. John Martyn-like guitar picking, electric guitar, Sitar, Wurlitzer and other retro sounds creates a really beautiful production and songs. I can’t understand a word but who cares. This is a must have for people who miss the acid-folk revival of 2006. The album is due in February 27th.


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