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I must admit, I never knew Dudley Moore was a musician. I only knew him as a 60’s comedian, that even in his 80’s movies, was still a 60’s comedian. So I was rather surprised to find in Trunk Records‘ … Continue reading

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The Necks’ Mindset

The Necks is an Australian trio that has been playing for 24 years and 16 albums. The trio is drums-piano-bass and together they create a stunning tapestry of torn apart jazz, with soundtrack music for abandoned cities that holds the … Continue reading

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An Audio Interview With James Blackshaw (And Couple Of Words About All Is Falling)

Repetitive piano sounds, touches of soft rain, melancholy and bothering distress. This is how James Blackshaw’s new album starts. 4 minutes and 12 seconds go by and no traces of acoustic 12 strings to be found anywhere. I check again, … Continue reading

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