Stuff I Picked On The Way

With so much information published everyday everywhere, it’s so hard to follow.
This bi-weekly post wiil gather some interesting stuff for you.

Emma Polock, ex-Delgados, that her killer song Acid Test is one of my favorites of the decade, is releasing a second album and gives away a song titled Hug The Harbour. Listen to it here:

(thanks to the excellent Chrome Waves blog)

Marissa Nadler is giving away a free demo for the holidays – her take on Townes Van Zandt Pancho and Lefty. Chocolate Bobka initially published it and you can fing some more information about it, along with the song itself.
The original song can be found in the wonderful Heartworm Highway Dvd which includes couple of live Van Zandt moments and interviews. But there’s a song there, Waitin’ Around To Die, you gotta see. Watch the old man here. Heartbreaking.

Wooden Shjips with a Christmas classic Auld Lang Syne. It’s amazing how these guys can sound so authentic to their kraut/psych roots. Picked from The Decibel Tolls

• The fantastic blog Earfarm posted an interesting interview with one of the most interesting singer/songwriters around Sharon Van Etten. Van Etten shared the bill last year for couple of shows with Israeli Noa Babayof

Justin Vernon, Bon Iver for you, with a killer cover of Rocks In My Bed, originally by Ella Fitzgerald. This is what you call a monumental. (Thanks for the wonderful I Guess I’m Floating blog)

• A cool version of another monumental song Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, is performed by Idiot Glee. I don’t know anything about him, but My Old Kentucky Blog wil tell you a bit about it.

• YEY! The wonderful Jason Collett will release a new album in 2010. Meanwhile, he gives away a song – Love Is A Dirty Word (what a killer bass sound)

• One of my most fav blogs is The Rising Storm, it deals with fantastic psychedelic rock and worth to go and subscribe. They posted an article about The Nice’s album, one of the best bands of the era before prog took over. Here’s a fantastic cover of Tim Hardin‘s Hang On To A Dream

• The blog You Ain’t No Picasso spoils its readers with a Deerhoof version to the sixties classic Going Up The Country.

• A new Brian Jonestown Massacre song, out of the upcoming album,
Our Time

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