STR Mixtape : Too Lazy To Work

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STR Mixtape – Too Lazy To Work

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Title Artist Starting Time
Collibosher Small Faces
Murder In My Heart For The Judge Moby Grape 03:07
Kamera Wilco 05:58
Feel So Bad John Martyn 09:23
For The Sake Of Mary Richard Thompson 12:37
Exodus Davey Graham 16:46
Borodin Butterfly Lanark 18:34
Do It Jack Wilson 20:40
Dolly Parton’s Guitar Lee Hazelwood 26:44
Slave Girls Lime Spiders 29:45
Minute Wasps Primordial Undermind 32:26
Lullaby For The Lonely Marty Willson Piper 39:27
The Sapling Trees Whispers Truths Of
Wovoka 43:34
You’re The One Petula Clark 46:18
Life Is a Rehersal The Rebel 48:35
Late Summer Seapony 54:22
Things’ll Never Be The Same Spaceman3 56:34
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3 Responses to STR Mixtape : Too Lazy To Work

  1. MWP says:

    Thank you for having me.

  2. MWP says:

    Thank you for having me.

  3. Yair says:

    thank you for years and years of music. please stick around in Small Town Romance, good music .

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