STR Mixtape : The Bright New Year

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This is the Jewish new year time, and Small Town Romance Blog, being Jewish, wishes you a happy new year, even if that’s the middle of the year for you.


STR Mixtape – The Bright New Year

Title Artist Starting Time
The Bright New Year Bert Jansch 00:00
The Lost Race Bela Tarr 01:28
A’in Le’an
Malka Spiegel 05:29
The Autumn People Black Mamba 07:37
I’m Coming Home Isbells 11:04
Cave In Living Rooms 15:15
Killing Joe Arpaio Crocodiles 18:05
Wild Flower Dark Bells 21:30
Ballad Of Kurt
Sweet Lights 26:08
Sweetie Bill Frisell 30:09
Blank Page The Black Heart Procession 34:31
Dawn Of Tomorrow The Third Bardo 39:51
New Eyes Big Blood 42:00
Kol Hayay Qetev Meriri 45:32
Energy For The Dead Plants Alexander Tucker 49:30
Footfalls Stitched Among
Steven R. Smith 53:52
Long Story Albert Beger
Electroacoustic Band
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