STR Mixtape – Small, Evil and Ugly People

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Small Town Romance Mixtape – Small, Evil and Ugly People
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Title Artist Starting Time
The Big Scroungy The Tronics
Raindrops Lachash 02:25
Marenas Bop Marine 07:52
Spooks Marion Brown 10:38
When You Are Who You Are Gil Scott-Heron 15:05
Sleep In Your Arms The Modern Lovers 18:24
Ladybird XTC 20:52
Turning Into Randolph Scott Leo Kottke 25:16
Flames Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera 28:53
No Salvation Dragontears 32:00
Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger Arthur Lee 36:28
Wonder If The Snow Will Settle Clearlake 39:10
Someone Somewhere (Live) The Royal Family And The Poor 42:25
Telegraph Le Femme 45:22
Can’t Believe It’s You Rory Gallagher 50:00
Boodle Am Shake John Fahey 57:10
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