STR Mixtape: Melt The Guns, Please

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STR Mixtape : Melt The Guns, Please
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Title Artist Starting Time
The Necks The Boys II
Musica Dispersa Cromo 03:04
Patrick Fitzgerald One Little Solider 07:44
Callers Young People 11:30
Rat Vs. Possum Binti Jua 15:11
Renaissance Walking Away 17:40
Robbie Basho Orphan’s Lament 21:53
Rufus Zuphal Waste Land 25:29
Secret Colors Love 30:32
Serge Gainsbourg La Horse 35:57
The Verve The Sun, The Sea 39:30
Aloha Moonless March 44:24
Aphrodita’s Child The Four Horseman 48:53
Hawkwind Born To Go 54:37
Patrick Burke Ta Da 59:31
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