STR Mixtape –  In a Memory of a Friend

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Lost a friend eight years ago. This one’s for you.

STR Mixtape –  In a Memory of a Friend

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Title Artist Starting Time

Marty Willson-Piper
Dear Old Stockholm Miles Davis 1:08

Tape 8:51
Yellow Dollars Ed Askew 12:13
Searching The Circle Barbara and Ernie 18:24
Flying The Beatles 22:43
La Memoire Neuve Dominique A 24:48
Let Me
R.E.M 30:38
Growing Faith White Fence 34:03
Thoughts Of Emerlist
The Nice 36:28
Sit Down I Think I
Love You
The Growing Concern 39:11
Isadora East Of Eden 41:29
An Old Man Remembers Michael Chapman 45:46
Dr. King, The
Peaceful Warrior
Archie Shepp 48:44
Dust 13th Floor Elevator 51:12
Death Final Bonnie Prince Billy 55:08
Late Summer Blues
Movie Theme
Rafi Kadishzon 58:01
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