Stop everything! A new single for Robyn Hitchcock!

The exciting news today is a new single from Robyn Hitchcock and his not-so-new-band – The Venus 3.
Yep Roc had announced three days ago about the new single Ordinary Millionaire,  off his new album Propellor Time and it sounds brilliant as always.


The album was recorded in Hitchcock’s home, with guest stars appearance from John Paul Jones (no introduction necessary), Johnny Marr (likewise), English fine songwriter Nick Lowe and former Soft Boy/Egyptian band mate Morris Windsor.

Every Hitchcock release is a cause for celebration, and I won’t even gonna start explaining the geniusy of this man. Just go and listen to his last release ‘Goodnight Oslo’ to find out how the adult-contemporary music should sound like, rather then the boring stuff often falls in this category.
Robyn Hitchcock

The album will be released on March 22nd, and is now available for preorder (cd/lp) on Yep Roc’s webstore

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