Small Town Romance Mixtape: Time To Wake Up

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Small Town Romance Mixtape – Time To Wake Up

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Title Artist Starting Time
Hey Mr. Tambourine Man William Shatner
Always Something There To Remind Me Wendell Stuart & The Downbeaters 03:20
Party Poop Henry Mancini 06:22
Searchin The Circle Barbara and Ernie 08:53
White Light/White Heat Yo La Tango (Live in WFMU 2004) 13:15
At Night The Black Angels 15:42
I’ve Watched You Suffer Colours 19:00
Hanging In The Pisser Slug Guts 25:16
Hung Up Down Family 29:44
Lovin’ Dove Michael Chapman 32:48
Shomer Arayot Yossi Elephant 36:08
Street Fighting Girls Donovan Quinn and The 13th Month 41:00
Can’t Keep From Crying Ten Years After 44:33
Buffalo Davy Graham 49:42
Big Mother The New Albert Beger Quartet 51:51
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