Small Town Romance (Guest) Mixtape : Old Time Music

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Tinnitus is a radio show that broadcasts in the Jerusalem University, and it is a really wonderful show with the music style that I like.
The show’s co-hosts, Ellie and Jonathan, had dedicated the last show to old timer American music, by old and new musicians.
They offered to post the show (now as a podcast) in Small Town Romance, and I figured it’ll be a good idea.


1. Sylvester Weaver – Six String Banjo Piece
2. Blind Roosevelt Graves – Woke up this Morning
3. Jack Rose – When The Tailgate Drops the Bullshit Stops
4. Charlie Parr – I Dreamed I saw Jesse James Last Night
5. Rev. A. Johnson – Lord Will Make a Way
6. Elizabeth Cotton – Shake Sugaree
7. Missisipi John Hurt – Since I’ve Laid My Burden Down
8. Buffy Saint Marie – Now that the Buffalo’s Gone
9. Bob Dylan – Talking World War III
10. Jo Ann Kelly – Come on in my Kitchen
11. Gene Estribou & Jean Paul Pickens – Shady Grows
12. Dock Boggs – John Henry
13. Roscoe Holcomb – Little Maggie
14. J.E. Mainer – Oh Those Tombs
15. The Almanac Singers – Union Maid
16. Jimmy Rodgers – Away on the Mountain
17. Bascom Lamar Lunsford – The Mermaid Song
18. Bela Lam 7 Family – Poor Little Benny
19. The Carter Family – Can the Circle Be Unbroken
20. Aunt Molly Jackson – I Love Coal Miners, I Do
21. Charlie Patton – High Water Everywhere pt.1
22. Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – Oceans
23. Sonny Terry – Lost John
24. Luscious Curtis – Train Blues
25. Red Foley – Hillbilly Fever
26. Blue Sky Boys – Radio Station SAVED
27. Beck – Satan Gave Me a Taco
28. Les Cirque des Vampires – Holy, Cross Little River
29. Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – New Jerusalem
30. Uncle Dave Macon – Buck Dancer’s Choice
31. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Black Cat
32. Utah Smith – Take a Trip
33. Henry Flynt – Sky Turned Red
34. Fannie Lou Hamer & Robert Parris Moses – Get on Board
35. Uncle John Scruggs – Little Cabin in the Lane
36. Sister Ola Mae Terrel – Life is a Problem, But Where there is Life there is Hope
37. The Stack Home Boys – Original Stack O Lee Blues
38. Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff – This World is not my Home

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