Family Affairs – Happy 40th Anniversary ‘There’s A Riot Going On’

Forty years ago, in the year of 1971, Sly and The Family Stone released one of the ultimate funk masterpieces – There’s A Riot Going On.

I don’t think this record needs an introduction in anyway, but if you don’t know it by now, seriously go and do your homework.
Recently we’ve heard that Sly Stone is homeless and lives in his car, which is very unfortunate and sad, especially knowing the amounts of fans worldwide that will donate one dollar for him, if someone who knows him will decide to open a PayPal account to collect money for him. Hint, for the people who know him, if you read this post.

In anyway, Riot is one heck of a masterpiece, can’t imagine the sound and style of funk without it. Happy 40th.

[Audio] Sly and the Family Stone – It’s a Family Affair

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