Sketches Of Spain

Josephine Foster
is one unique singer.
From the early stages of her career, it was obvious that she is a different voice and as time passed by, her voice just distant itself from the ordinary female singer/songwriter.
She became more and more a 1920 war singer, singing through an old AM radio on hot summer nights.¬†All windows open, daddy’s shaving, a child is eating soup, mom’s knitting. Classic patriarch family picture with a perfect soundtrack.

When she released This Upcoming Gladness featuring Victor Herrero on guitar, I remember how it struck me that this duo recalls another collaboration of voice and guitar – the Buckley/Underwood sounds, especially when Tim didn’t have a voice in his throat, he had a saxophone.
Herrero, by the way, released a superb solo album on Bo’Weavil two years ago or so.

A year ago, Foster/Herrero had released a beautiful Spanish folk music album called Anda Jaleo. Now, there’s a followup to that album called Perlas with The Hererro Band, and this is one amazing album. She now resides in Spain, and they are a couple, which I can imagine is the reason for the freedom, compassion and tender winds that blows through the album.

It’s one of these albums that brings to mind visions of places I’ve never been to, meadows and green grass. I see summer dresses of beautiful warm women, rocking chairs in the balcony, alcohol celebrations till the early morning hours – the most cheerful and festivus folklore you can find. And I picture all that without leaving Tel Aviv.
How often you get a chance to fly with your imagination when listening to music these days? Here’s your chance.


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