Moon Duo - Escape

I know I’m fashionably late here, and that the resonance of the fuzz guitar had maybe declined by now, but I finally decided to share my thoughts with the world about the Escape EP (out on Woodist) by American duo Moon Duo.
The duo is essentially the fruitful collaboration of Wooden Shijps guitarist Erik Johnson and Sanar Yamada and it’s highly recommended to those who didn’t get enough of the Shjips releases and want the extra fuzzy shovel to dig their brain out.

This 4 pieces EP is a meditative attempt to grasp and conquer a territory that many have walked in, years before. The lo-fi aesthetics and constant rhythm brings to mind, what can you, Hawkwind. It’s hard to form a band that so influenced by Krautrock and not mention Faust or Can as primary influences, but Moon Duo’s sound it a reflection of the new psychedelic/kraut wave of 00’s, rather then an imitation of something that had been done in the past.

Erik Johnson

This EP is a cool for the unwind nine to five employee who wants to kill his boss, but it won’t catch those who are familiar with Germans in the 70’s, in music, not porn that is.
Nevertheless, it’s interesting enough to keep you going throughout the entire EP, wishing it would last for 15 more minutes. But I guess quitting in your prime is important and I think the duo realized that thin line between cool inspirational music and annoying shoveling action – is, well, thin.

Recommended to Royal Trux, Can, Cluster, Faust and Wooden Shijps fans.

Moon Duo – Motorcycle, I Love You
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