She&Me vs. Damon&Naomi

She: What’s that?
Me : That’s Damon&Naomi.

She: Who are they?
Me : (thinking how to describe)….it’s a kinda…well it’s a duo…sort of… they had a band called Galaxy 500 in the late eighties,
Produced by Kramer who worked with many, including Buffalos.
Why? what do you think of that?

She: It’s doesn’t irritate me
Me : That’s a good start.


Me : After Galaxy broke up, they didn’t see themselves continue to form another band
She: Who?

Me : Damon, who play drums (and sings), and Naomi who plays bass (and keyboards, and sings)
She: So what happened?

Me : Well, Bruce and Jonathan from Subpop listened to their first tape after Galaxy broke up – More Sad Hits and fell in love.
She: It’s nice.

Me : Yea, it’s a kind of indie-dreamy-pop-whatever
She: pppppphhhh, ‘Indie-Dreamy-Pop’? sounds artsy fartsy.

Me : Well, you know, I don’t set the definitions, I use other people semantics to describe what is beyond description. Zappa
called it ‘dancing to architecture’.

She: Is this a new album?
Me : No, actually it’s a wonderful collection of songs they picked, from their Sub Pop releases

She: How many albums were there?
Me : Four. All of them were excellent and emotional, but my favourite is Damon&Naomi with Ghost.

She: What’s that?
Me : It’s a fantastic and well performed collaboration between the duo and the Japanese band Ghost.

She: Anyway, it’s nice, I gotta go
Me : Wait, I didn’t tell you this wonderful collection of songs is a good introduction to the band’s music, and it was released
couple of months ago, and also let you know that if you’re into the slowcore/indie-pop/delicate voicing and
emotions/good cover of Tim Buckley – that’s a great album to start with and I’m not a person of compilations.

She: I’ll keep that in mind. Can I go now?
Me : Wait, FYI, look at the thick cardboard-mini LP style, beautiful isn’t it? And there’s a nice introduction, written by the duo.

She: Nice. can I go now?
Me : Yea, yea, go. I’ll find someone else to tell him about Damon&Naomi.


I listened to that record three times in a row when she left.

Forgot To Get High
Song to the Siren

The Great Wall

BUY: Insound

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