Secret Colours Does Beatles Better (Then The Rest Of ‘Em)

covers. You gotta be suspicious to them.
It reached to the point where it’s not legit anymore to cover their songs, unless, if you pick up one of those songs no one knows and abuse them to the point they become the covering band’s song, and the Beatles fade away. Like, if someone will treat You Know My Name, Look Up The Number or, say, Only A Northern Song for example – it will be considered to be ok.
You Know My Name

That’s why when psychedelic band Secret Colours send me an email announcing they have released a cover version of the fab four’s Tomorrow Never Knows, I was suspicious.
One of my all time cover versions of Beatles song was for this exact same song, performed by the ex-Roxy Music members who formed the mega-ultra band 801.
801 – T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)

But, I was surprised of Secret Colours. I know this band and really loved the record they released earlier this year. They produce a great combo of early Black Angels sound and popish elements and a bit softer sound then the Austin group. Good songwriting and I just love their front cover (see here, where you can also fully stream and buy).

So their cover version of TNK is really good, dense and heavy and brings to mind groups like Dungen and even Motorpsycho. Lead singer’s voice is weary and tired and almost indifferent, but the guitars in the back turn this song to an almost 6 minutes epic.
You can download their version below, but make sure you go ahead and purchase their full album, as it’s a fabulous modern psych record.

[Audio] Secret Colours – Tomorrow Never Knows
[RYIL] The Black Angels, Dungen

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