Sam Flax – Age Waves

Right away, from the very first notes of the first song in the debut album by Sam Flax, I just knew I like it. You just know.
I only knew the album was released by the brilliant Burger Records label but I knew nothing more. Didn’t find too much about them but the general vibe I got from other reviews was very good. BTW, another Burger Records album you should check out is Gap Dream‘s.

Age Waves, the debut album by Sam Flax is a mixture of 70’s lo-fi L.A (which automatically brings to mind the Ariel Pink/Stevie Moore style). Grooves by 80’s drums machine, fuzzy guitars and brilliant collection of brilliant songs.
That is, except for the instrumentals. Strangely enough, the instrumental parts in the album are far from being brilliant, they mostly feel like fillers, unrelated stylistically  Like Dark Water for example, that totally doesn’t belong here, or the Wendy Carlos homage Crystal Death.
But then again, this album contains Child Of Glass and that alone worth purchasing the album.

So although it is not a perfect album, and that gap between the instrumentals and the songs is huge, Age Waves is a super-promising release. You can listen to it entirely in their Bandcamp page.

SAM FLAX – Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself

SAM FLAX – Child Of Glas

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