Roy Haynes’ Out Of The Afternoon

The fact that Out Of The Afternoon by Roy Haynes Quartet is not a classic album, is a mystery to me. You may think that there are greater mysteries in life, but you know, Roy Haynes, this is the real, important stuff.

Haynes, a respectful drummer, modest, even shy, gently carried his band throughout this wonderful and exceptional album. It has a strange magic from the second you hit the play button, and I can’t explain why. I believe it’s the choice of songs more then anything else. Though it was released by Impulse!, usually home for the free jazz and sonic and melodic experimets of John Coltrane and his followers, the album is very melodic, even a bit mainstream in a way.

However, it is far from being an easy listening jazz. Roland Kirk’s reeds are powerful, Tomy Flanagan is expressive on his piano and Henry Grimes is playing bass, and stich it all together.
Haynes was Coltrane’s first and only substitute for Elvin Jones in his quartet in times Jones couldn’t show up (Haynes appears in two Coltrane live recordings, the Newport concert and Dear Old Stockholm). That’s like a stamp of gold.

A wonderful album indeed. Try it.

[Audio] Roy Haynes Quartet – Moon Ray

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