Round the block


Couple of interesting stuff I came across in last couple of days, after staring at my Google Reader..

  • This is just great. one of my favorite blogs Aquarium Drunkard, is hosting a guest mixtape by another brilliant blog – Raven Sings The Blues. A fantastic lo-fi/psych mixtape, brings ease to my mind. Do not miss it.
  • Naturalismo hosts a new track by Sharon Van Etten, this time without an acoustic guitar. This woman is amazing.
  • Spacelab reports Nick Cave will release couple of his classic album on 5.1 surround. Fantastic.
  • TSURURADIO posts a new song by Jamie Lidell, titled Compass. Aside from the fact it’s a beautiful song, it’s from an album that will host indie heroes like Wilco, Grizzly Bear, Gonzales and others. Download the song.
  • The Decibel Tolls, gives a nice peek at the surpring-how-good-they-are-band – Invasion.
  • Citizen Dick is posting a good review of Magnetic Fields‘s Realism
  • Raven Sings The Blues posts two songs of the wonderful The Strange Boys. They are super cool.
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