RIP Robin Gibb

It has been a rough couple of days. First Donna Summerpassed away in the early age of 63, and now Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, that passed away yesterday.
Robin was the twin brother of Maurice who passed away nine years ago, and the younger brother of Andy, the tall bearded Gibb.


Many people remember the Bee Gees as the disco band, a crucial part of the mirror ball sounds of the late seventies, Travolta, roller skates, white powders and sleaze.
But many people did not know that the Bee Gees has been active since 1967, and produce several of absolutely amazing orchestrated pop rock albums, with slight psychedelic flavors, and many colors, butterflies and peppermint.
From the Bee Gees’ 1st album (titled Bee Gees 1st), and all the way to the late seventies, they released amazing albums, like the first, and Odessa and Horizontal and others. How those albums are known only to sixties fans, is a mystery.

But Robin also released several of solo albums like Robin’s Reign which sounds like a lost Bee Gees album, dated 1970. Just listen to a song like The Worst Girl In This Town, with the heavy reverb, the march rhythm and the dramatic strings – wow.
Robin Reign is a true lost late sixties pop, the kind that Beatles fans will admire, that can be heard repeatidly and that shows his amazing sense of melody and harmony.

[AudioRobin Gibb – Saved by the Bell


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