Records I’ve Enjoyed In 2013 – Part 3/4

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Montibus Communitas – The pilgrim to the absolute

This band is from Peru and they make a beautiful tribal psychedelic chants. In a way, I totally see them as the house composers of Jodorowski’s classic films, but they weren’t. They mainly sound like nature when the men is not looking at it. Very interesting and spiritual record. They just released another album in October which I didn’t have the time to listen yet.

William Tyler – Impossible Truth

Except for being a nice guy in real life, William Tyler is an incredible guitar player. His Tompkins Square release Behold The Spirit was an excellent album and after a split album, live album and his contribution to the Michael Chapman tribute album, his new album on Merge marks a big step for him musically. The album feature music for both electric and acoustic guitars, and this guy really knows how to produce sounds from both of them. His compositions are interesting, for me it’s one of the top three guitar albums of the year. (Merge Records)

Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare

It’s tempting to throw the CSN&Y comparison to the air but I will try and stay away from that as I believe that Wilson bring something unique of his own, and comparing him to his or my idols, will be a real injustice. This is a true must have, an album to become a classic. (Bella Union)

Motorhead – Aftershock

You know, they are still here, and they still rock, the best at what they do. The greatest thing about Motorhead is that they didn’t become a parody, they still sound authentic and exciting, just, you know, mature 😉 .  (UDR GmbH)

Son Volt – Honky Tonk

I’m not sure if this record went completely under the radar or was it just me who missed all that was written about this fantastic alternative country album. Son Volt knows how to run slowly on the dusty road, their style of Americana is unique, completely their own, and this is another brilliant record of theirs. Jay Farrar is a hero. (Rounder Records)

Califone – Stitches

One of the only bands that I’m eagerly waiting for a new album of theirs. I love Tim Rutili’s work, I think he’s a visionary and an authentic musician. In his new album with Califone, he took the time after their previous album in 2009 and went on the road. This journey with himself brought a new style of Califone. Still experimenting, still writing his perfect songs, just slightly different this time. This record will grow on you, open your heart. (Dead Oceans)

Yuja Wang – Rachmaninov: piano Concerto no.3 in D minor

Yuja Wang is a promising name in classical music world, a Chinese pianist who was already a worldwide known phenomena in the age of 21. This new recording on Deutsche Grammophone is a stunning performance of Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #3 and Prokofiev Piano Concerto #2.


Brokeback – Brokeback and the Black Rock

Like running out of gas and sitting in the side of the road in a forgotten place somewhere in the mid-west, the new Brokeback album brings the winds of freedom and mystery. Top favorite this year (Thrill Jockey)

VA – Generale: Protest and Spirit Jazz from France 1970-1976

A very exciting document from a very exciting time in France in the70’s, including The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Brigitte Fontain and Areski, and others.  (Born Bad Records)

PadnaBurnt Offerings

What I wrote about it earlier this year: “psychedelic music feel is all over the album, but not with the fuzz/reversed guitar sounds or huge reverbs, but one that comes from the gentleness and delicate weirdness winds that blow in the album veins and creating a magical melodic candy.”  Also note Padna’s music selections and influences here. (Preservation Records)


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