Real Gone : Steve Reid RIP

Steve Reid had died.
I just thought about it yesterday, that there’ll come a time where all our musical heroes from the 60’s would die, and it would be a huge wave of death for people who are in the same age. A generation will be gone, 20-3o years from now. Sad.

Steve Reid was a fantastic drummer, a Motown session player, who played also with Sun Ra, James Brown and Miles Davis.
He wasn’t just a drummer, this guy was a savage and constantly kept doing interesting stuff and crossed genres with his music.
Steve Reid

He also teamed up with Four Tet, in Exchange Sessions 1+2, and had couple of records under his name. Note that fantastic Rhythmatism he did for Soul Jazz records.
Today he died, a great loss.

Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden – Morning Prayer

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