Psychedelic Sounds Of Besombes – Rizet

Wow, can’t tell you how excited I was, discovering this amazing album by French duo Besombes – Rizet.
The album artist is credited to Pole, which is actually the name of the label, while Besombes – Rizet is the name of the two brilliant musicians who recorded it. But whatever the title of the album is, or whatever the names of the artists behind are – this is an amazing discovery.

This is a psychedelic masterpiece, a stunning piece of work made mainly by synths from various kinds (VCS, Farfisas, Mellotron,  etc), backed up occasionally with drums and other sounds. The tracks are mainly instrumental and takes the listener through a trip, like the gods of psychedelic music intended.

The album was reissued back in 2004 via MIO records, and if it’s highly recommended for fans of early electronics, Cluster and Schultz, just with a rockish angel.


Besombes – Rizet – Montelimar

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