Popol Vuh – Cobra Verde

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I’m  flying above the French country side, from Geneva to Nantes and listening to the beautiful Popol Vuh album Cobre Verde.
Like many of their recordings, this album is a soundtrack to a Werner Herzog film which I still havent watched. I try to take my time with it, so the music would remain out of a visual context and will be free and left to my own private visualization. I’m succeeding meanwhile.

This is a late PV album that is missing the mystics and psychedelia of their earlier recordings, a time of a shift in focus towards a different phase of the band where they focus on tribal music and group chanting aside to the piano based and repetitive guitar tracks that they are so known for.

I look outside the Easyjet plane, everything is green ,the sun is right in front of my eyes and it’s all so peaceful and beautiful. Though the plane is very small and it shivers in the thick air, the music is so soothing and relaxing that i know my soul will survive, even if the plane crashes.

We’ve landed safely, the plane didnt crash, I’m off to the next show in the tour in France. The weather looks nice , and the group chants in my ears keeps on going. You’re home, youre always home, you can switch tribes but you are always safe.
The Popol Vuh chanting keep on radiating on my brain’s alpha waves, the European sun lingers on. Its time for leave the airplane

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