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Plantagenet 3 is a London based trio who sent me a request to post about their debut single, that was released couple of days ago on Jitter.
I’m glad they did that, as I was introduced to what you can call ‘a stricking debut’, caught me in a very interesting timing.
Latley I’ve been listening to a lot Morricone music, you know, the music that accompanied the western movies of Leone like The Good, Bad and The Ugly, A Handful Of Dollars etc.

Listening to their highly inspired by Morricone music, provided me with the answer of ‘when will I hear the post-Morricone music, that will end up as a genre’. They are like that.

But the spirit of Morricone that is present throughout the two songs in their 7” is much more then another Morricone wannabe. It’s an emotional output of  post-rock (yea baby, here’s that genre again) compositions with tender and evocative guitars combined with psyhchedelic feel. It actually sounds like the desert, to make it short.

It’s worth it to go to Norman Records, get this low-priced 7” and keep an eye on this group. I’m taking a guess they’ll be rich one day, by selling of their songs to a soundtrack. Beautiful release.

Plantagent 3 – Theme From An Imaginary Western
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