Pierre Bensusan’s New Album, Vividly, Is Just Around The Corner

Pierre Bensusan
Pierre Bensusan
is one of my fav acoustic guitar players.
This guy has been so influential to me over the years, that I actually wrote a piece about him, but never released it, I’m embarrassed he will hear it.

You can call him a jazz guitarist, but he’s much more then that. First, he sticks to the acoustic guitar, and escape the muted sound of jumbo electric guitars. Second, he adopted in an early stage of his career, the Davy Graham tuning of DADGAD. Playing in DADGAD, allowed Bensusan many new harmonic possibilities that otherwise would not have been possible on the guitar.

Third, he’s influenced by British guitar legends like Graham and Bert Jansch and that circle, and add that to fact he French-Algerian, his world of imagination is full with new, non-west, colors and ideas.
Fourth, he’s a fingerpicker, which means I automatically love him.
Pierre Bensusan - Vividly

That what makes Bensusan’s playing so unique to me, and his music to be so special.
His new album, Vividly, will be released in the upcoming Autumn, and that’s definitely great news for fans of jazz, and acoustic guitarists as a whole.

See the trailer of the new album:

Here’s a good example of why he is so amazing to me.
[Audio] Pierre Bensusan – The Welsh Arrow
[RYIL] Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, Martin Taylor, some Leo Kottke workd

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