Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

Bill Wells is a musician I really appreciate. This self taught musician, who deals with electronic music and avantgard was and still is crucial for the sound of Scottish alternative, as he worked with bands like Belle&Sebastien, Arab Strap and more. He also recorded a wonderful album with the Swedish minimal/vintage electronic duo Tape (Released this year with Immune Records – fantastic album).

Annie Whitehead is one of the leading feminine figures in the jazz world today. She already have couple of albums, the few that I’ve heard were mainly in the funk-jazz direction. Annie is also the brain behind the superb Robert Wyatt tribute album, a must have to any Wyatt fan IMHO.

Barbara Morgenstern is an electronic music artist, German female who plays on Vermona (an old synth) and I’m not sure who’s Stefan Schneider though he’s probably a wonderful musician.

These four talents created back in 2004 a beautiful, yet short, album titled Pick Up Sticks, released by The Leaf Label.

The album is full of clicks and minor strange percussion, led by the inevitable presence of Whitehead’s trombone playing. Beautifully combines slight jazz touches with slight electronics. Nothing too demanding, just an ease collection of eight tracks, some of which are very short. Of course that given the circumstances and the fact that a trombone is a very dominant sound and the other instruments are modest anyway, looks like Whitehead’s is the leader of the pack.

But a careful listening to this collection of tracks, will show a very nice dynamics and interplay between the instruments, and a gentle balance between the glitches of Wells and the other, live instruments.

These four talents gathered together again and released in January a full album which I have not heard yet but once I will – be sure you’ll hear from me. Meanwhile, go to the new Leaf online store and get yourself a copy of Pick Up Sticks, to ease your mind.

Bill Wells/Barbara Morgenstern/Annie Whitehead/Stefan Schnider – Three Line Prayer Pt. 1

Bill Wells/Barbara Morgenstern/Annie Whitehead/Stefan Schnider – Perfect Window

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