Patience Is A Virtue, by Norma Jenkins

I love WFMU. I said it in the past and I’m saying it again. I always discover amazing stuff through their eclectic taste. My recent find, was the just oh-too-beautiful album by Norma Jenkins.

They played her 7” I Fooled You (Didn’t I?), which was just a brilliant piece of rare groove, that I had to put my hands on. So, thank you eMusic, I went and downloaded this beautiful soulful  album by Jenkins called Patience Is a Virtue.

This was Jenkins debut album and it was released in 1976. It sounds like the classic soul album, partly ballads and partly midtempo funk.
For fans of soul and classic r’n’b, this one’s for you.

Norma Jenkins – I Fooled You ( Didn’t I )

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