Paolo Tofani – Indicazioni

Paolo Tofani released Indicazioni in 1977. He was enjoying a public recognition as guitarist of one of the better bands from the Italian Prog movement – Area.
He also recorded a psych/folkier album under the name of Electric Frankenstein called What Me Worry?, and then recorded this strange album.

Indicazioni is a solo guitar album, totally weird and experimental. The sound is processed through an EMS synth, with a feeling of disorientation and aggressiveness in the same time, jazzy licks, electronic squeaks and track of Italian spoken word (?).
I’ve seen the name Robert Fripp in relation to that record, obviously in a reference to the Frippertronics system, and you can sense his spirit here, but only on the surface, because upon listening to their playing, they are not similar at all.

Fans of Derek Baily and Ido Bukelman and experimental free guitars, will dig this for sure. 

[AudioPaolo Tofani – Quattro Fasi Per Quattro

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