10 Charlie Haden Moments To Remember, by the Twitter Community

Charlie Haden, a person of great touch and feel, incredible musicianship, political activism and countless collaboration had dies yesterday in the age of 76. I went and searched his name in Twitter to see what videos people shared, to get the idea of who was Charlie Haden to them, as their musical taste reflects. It’s a random list, not ‘most popular’ tracks, but it became a very fine list.
Charlie Haden RIP

So here are ten of the many videos shared, including my pick as the 11th in the list. I also put them together in one playlist which is available here.
In his words: “When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything”.
RIP Great musician.

1. Charlie Haden & Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Esta Tarde vi LLover

2. Bittersweet – Charlie Haden & John Taylor

3. Charlie Haden Quartet West – First Song

4. Liberation Music Orchestra – We Shall Overcome

5. Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden 2009 – 3/7

6. Charlie Haden & Joe Henderson – Round Midnight

7. Charlie Haden with Michael Brecker – Young And Foolish

8. Charlie Haden Family & Friends – Spiritual (Live, Letterman)

9. For All We Know – Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden

10. Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – Goodbye

11. Charlie Haden and Hank Jones – Blessed Assurance

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Robbie Basho – Art Of The Acoustic Steel String (Preview)

And in the core of the planet, it’s all water. And in our bodies, it’s water. And Basho’s wandering soul is made up from an accurate compass that directs him to distant planets with water.
There’s no separation between the man and the compass.
Wherever he goes, the compass spins and directs him, like the swirling winds in his playing and compositions. Like a desert wind that flies from ancient Persia to India and Jerusalem, Japan and the Appalachia.

And in the show, Basho knows he’s alone in that magic carpet with the dancing snakes and heartbreaking flutes. His crowd can’t fly, they can hardly swim with him. So between the tunes he gives a guided imagination talks, about the sights and sounds and the world of beauty that he weaves .

This show took place in 1982, and now GrassTops is reissuing it for a digital bandcamp download. Shortly, we’ll see the anticipated review of the masterpiece ‘Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12′ album (circa Windham Hill, 1979)
Until then, download a compass application for your smartphone or listen to Basho.

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Cleared – Drown

Remote Ocean Prayer, the second track on “Drown”, the new LP By Chicago based duo Cleared – is one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard recently.
It’s like when your brain decides it takes the wrong side of the trip, and captures the soul in a pentagram.
Triangles are flying all over but they are not here to assist you understand, they are, in that very moment, your enemies.

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