On Steve Gunn and Carton Boxes

It seems that everywhere I go, I bump into Steve Gunn‘s new excellent album Way Out Weather.
I’m now moving my flat so I’m living between carton boxes, lp’s, clothes, the entire 2002-2005 collection of Mojo magazine and more and more things. You know the feeling that you have way too much then you need? So I decided to get rid of lp’s and books that I don’t need. The rule is simple, if it hasn’t been played OR pulled from the shelf in the last four years – it’s out.

And so, Steve Gunn’s new album is the soundtrack that is played throughout the process, and time and time again I run that line in my head ‘your faith is savage and your mind is damage’ (Milly’s Garden). Such a brilliant song/ I go to the toilet with it, take dog out with it, it’s always there.

So yesterday I went to the record store to sell them some of those unplayed lp’s (Dylan’s Self Portrait, the last Quicksilver album, Casbah Rock by the Clash, CSNY 4 way Street (Israeli horrible print that sounds like one of that carton boxes the surrounds me) and more. I step into the store, and there you go, of course, they listen to Gunn new album, track no. 3. Of Course.

Returned home, made some soup, that line’s still stuck in my head. Took my smartphone, got an email from a friend. ‘man, you gotta check this cool album out’. You know what popped up when i clicked that YouTube link, right?


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