Official Bootlegs, Radio Show, Remember the Vinyl

Hi everyone,

Few updates from the writer of this blog ;

1. I started recording my shows, for a series of recordings called Official Bootleg. This series is available on my Bandcamp
, lo-fi recordings, yet full of charm and blurbs in Hebrew to improve your second language.
You can download the recordings for free, or donate as much as you’d like. See the Bandcamp page for more details.

Yair Yona – Angie

2. I got a new radio show called Sonar, broadcasted live from the IDC college in Hertzelia, every Wednesday at 20:00 Israel time.
The show is eclectic, very much in the style of this blog and beyond with a focus on free form radio, not a specific musical direction.
For non Israeli residents, you can listen online or go to the archive page where you can stream and download the past shows.
These shows will also appear in the Blog’s page, or on the show’s Facebook page.

3. Last, few copies left from the 300 copies limited edition of my Remember LP. If you want to get your copy, drop me a line.


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