Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them

I have a long time crash on the fabulous Three Lobed Records label.
I always liked their passion for psychedelic, drones and all that non-jazz , with their catalog that features Bardo Pond on one hand, Sun City Girls on the other, and one Jack Rose in the middle.

The label had released couple of weeks ago, a new box set, with four Lp’s titled Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them, a limited edition of 1000 sexy copies. The box includes new and exclusive tracks, check this out –

You got stunning guitar clashes by Comets On Fire, the raw psychedelic freak out by Bardo Pond, the classic rock boogie by D. Charles Speer, the Sun City Girls jams, the beautiful folk of Woven Wand,  the classic two tracks by Sonic Youth, and one amazing, strikingly beautiful and hypnotizing track by Steve Gunn.

Pretty amazing stuff.

I stumbled upon this box set on Bull City Records store in Durham, NC when I took a day off before the Hopscotch festival, I didn’t buy it then, and felt guilty for four days because of that.
It was my dear friend Einat who gave it to me as a present in the last day on my US visit, just before I took the strange smelling cab on the way to the airport. It was one amazing present. Wouldn’t forgive myself for not owning it. Don’t make the same mistake as I (almost) did. Get yourself a copy, it’s already out of print.

Oh, and more recent news, the label has a new Bandcamp page, where you can listen to some of their releases and buy them on FLAC. Your office space could use some squeaks and noises, for sure.

[Audio]Steve Gunn – The Lurker (Extended)

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