No Reason To Censure, Really

La Femme is a new French band, who’s doing a nice mixture of surf and late 70’s new wave music.
They are releasing their debut EP Sur La Planche today with Third Side Records and it will be the first release in a series of 10”/Digital EP by the label, titled Le Podium #1.

The front cover is censored, but a close look in their Bandcamp page will reveal the actual front cover. Personally I don’t see a reason to hide, after all, a much more famous band is now releasing a full nudity front cover to their reissued masterpiece. But to deal with the front cover only will do this fun EP injustice. Take a look at their home made video and download the attached free sample, to get a better sense of the band’s style. Cool stuff.

La Femme – Sur La Plance

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