No One’s Lonley, with Marty Willson Piper’s Night Jar

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know how much I love The Church, aka – the band that never released a bad album (well, Gold Afternoon Fix wasn’t as good as the others but it has its moments). The main reason that this band sounds fresh and exciting after all these years, is obviously the brilliant songwriting of Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson Piper, bassist and guitarist respectfully.

Both of them have impressive solo careers. Steve Kilbey had released many solo records and collaborations over the last couple of years. From Marty Willson Piper, however, we haven’t heard lately. He release as many albums, and maintain a nice gap of few years between each albums – but whenever there was an album out – it was a stunner.

I won’t go into reviewing his entire solo career, I’ll just state the obvious, that a must have in your collection will be his 1983 album Art Attack. However, today I’m here to recommend his absolutely beautiful 2009 release Night Jar.

Night Jar is a simple album, with the right smooth production, nice sound, nice arrangements, nice backing vocals. The songs are beautiful, some of them are acoustic, some are amplified, but all in all, the vibe is pretty mellow.
His guitar abilities do not show in this album, it’s a more of a singer/songwriter album, not a guitarists. I’m sure that being the guitarist of one of the most amazing bands on earth, did enough to show his abilities as a guitarists, and therefore he doesn’t brag about it too much with fancy lines and solos.

Fans of adult contemporary music such as Mark Knopfler or Robyn Hitchcok‘s music, will find this album very interesting, like a good old clever friend who will accompany you wherever you go, you will never walk alone, with this album.

Marty Wilson Piper – No One There
Marty Wilson Piper – Lullaby For The Lonely

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