No – New Sounds In French Hip-Hop


No is a French hip-hop band, formed by South French Sebastien Casino.

Though I gotta say in advance I’m far from being an expert to hip-hop, I still love to be intrigued with good music, regardless the style.

No formed in 2007, a collective of 9 musicians, with the unusual ensemble of instruments (for a hip hop band), including violin, clavinet (extra cool) and piano (aside for the bass,drums, MC etc).


Their rap is assembled by many interesting colors and sounds. Songwriting style is unique, and fits in well with the great arrangements, vary from prog-rock (?), baroque, strange electronics and noise. If I have to find an equivalent to their style, I’d say they are something between Dalek and The Residents, somewhere. I’m missing some anger and range in their music, but I’m also aware of the face that the lyrics doesn’t play a role with my listening, as I’m not a French speaker, so I probably missing a lot of the overall thing.

Album Cover

No will release their debut album Diagone on May 1st with Confetti Noir Disques, on CD and vinyl.

No – Diagone

No – Quitter La Ville (Morte)

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