No Faults

LA based band Letting Up Despite Great Faults had released their debut LP in late 2009.
Letting Up

This relativley new electro-pop band, brainchild of Mike Lee is a intersting mesh between the lo-fi/shoegaze/whispering style of the many turns Neil Halstead took during his long career with Slowdive, then Mojave3, then his solo career, along with 80’s influences like New Order, and Bloody Valentine.

Any fans of the Field Mice/Picture Center style, will find this band interesting. But while the later are pretty introspective and sad, there’s some sort of jolyful mood in the close mic vocal style.
Letting Up Despite Great Faults Front Cover

This is their second release after their 2006 EP Movement

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Our Younger Noise
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – In Steps

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