New Swans Album ?

I usually try not to quote press releases I get, as I’m trying to give a personal angle on stuff, but I have no choice as I have no information whatsoever about this exciting news, but –

On July 12, Swans completed the first recording phase of their new album (as yet untitled). The recordings took place in Berlin, Germany, at Studio P4 in the former East Berlin radio station complex, and at Einsturzende Neubauten’s old studio, Andere Bausteller. Kevin McMahon (of Marcata Recording in Gardiner New York) came to Berlin to record the band. Recordings will resume at Marcata in early October, when Swans conclude their year-plus World Tour. The album will be released in early 2012.

Fans who have seen the recent Swans show will be familiar with some of the new material, which has been developing throughout the tour. They’ll also be aware that a few of the songs are now over 30 minutes in length, making their live set a comfortable 2 ½ hours long. As it turns out, the new album will likely approach that length as well.  Michael Gira (who is producing the album) has yet to decide in what format(s) the album will be made available. The album will be released through Young God Records.

(The morning after their concert in Tel Aviv. I felt that I belong. Photo by Lior B.)

In other Swans news, Gira is busy compiling a live Swans album, culled from dozens of live recordings of the recent tour. Possibly a small amount will be made available in stores, but the primary form of release will be a limited edition hand made version (with wood block print and drawing by Gira) available exclusively at Proceeds generated from the live album will go towards defraying the costs associated with the new studio album. The live album will be available in October.

Exciting or what?

Reminder of how amazing the last album was : Swans – You Fucking People Make Me Sick

P.s. My ears are still bleeding from their concert in Tel Aviv three months ago. I think I lost my virginity there.

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