[New Song] Uzi Ramirez – Confide In Me

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Uzi Ramirez is an iconic musician in the Israeli indie scene.
A devil session guitarist, a member of Israeli bands Boom Pam and Ramirez Bros and an overall a brilliant musician, now about to release his debut solo album.
Uzi Ramirez

Uzi agreed to feature his new single Confide In Me in our humble blog, and we’re very happy for that.
Uzi Ramirez – Confide In Me

I played a show with him about a month ago in Jerusalem, and took two videos of that show, where Uzi accompanied himself with a bass drum, hi-hat and a guitar as a part of his one man band show.

The Elevator Goes Up and Down

Set My Soul Free

Check out for more updates from him, it’s gonna be a beautiful album.

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