[New Song] Arborea – Careless Love (Dream Surf Mix)

Since the release of their 2006 debut Wayfaring Stranger, I loved the music of the Maine based folk duo Arborea.
A couple in real life, Buck (mainly guitars) and Shanty (main vocals), are doing a pastoral, intimate and heart touching folk music, drawn from the American tradition with some influences of the British isles.

Buck is also a luthier (guitar builder) and also the producer of the Robbie Basho tribute album We Are All One In The Sun, and overall a very nice guy. Their new album Hunter Gatherers is scheduled for 2011, but until then, they share the beautiful Careless Love (Dream Surf Mix). Enjoy.

Careless Love (Dream Surf Mix) by Arborea
[RYIL] Marissa Nadler, Jacqui McShee, Sharon Van Etten, Espers

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