New Shirley Collins Documentary Is Kickstarting

Buck from Arborea sent me an exciting email, telling me about a new Shirley Collins doco that is now kickstarting.
If you came so far, you probably know who Shirley Collins is (and if not – don’t worry, I’ve included a playlist of her music in the end of this post), and how imortant and influential she is and was on the world of Folk Music.
She’s been away for almost 44 years but made a nice comeback, not sure if it was for one show only or will she work on new materials. However, this new doco can really help share the beauty of her music and soul.

Shirley Collins Kickstart Project






So they got nine more days for the Kickstart project, which needs 25,000 pound, and managed to get about 50% of the sum so far (you can follow the progress on the official Twitter account)

Watch this video for more info

And, I’ve made a little playlist of music by Shirley Collins, for those who are not as familiar with her music.

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