New Primordial Undermind-Last Wordly Bond

Sometimes you think to yourself, just how extreme can one push his electric guitar. You feel that after so many years since this instrument was invented, there’ll be an end to the damage mankind can cause the deafening ears of the listeners.
And then, you realized that what you saw so far, was just the beginning. At least that’s what I felt when I heard the brilliant new album by Primordial UndermindLast Worldly Bond.
Primordial Undermind - Last Worldly Bond

Primordial Undermind revolves around the disturbing, unmerciful and demanding guitar of Eric Arn. Arn has been around since the 80’s. He’s been on the road for so long, moving from one state to another in the US, and resided also in Austria. The country’s capitol was where the new album recorded. It was made in studio, in front of  a live audience, which was obviously a smart move as the energies the band produces here can be really produced only live, with sparkling bleeding eyes watching you.

The new album, released as a digital download and a limited 500 copies vinyl, was out with Strange Attractors Audio House, which is no surprise, as you can hear some traces of their label mates F/i and Cul De Sac. The albums feeds the listener with hazy modern kraut rock, avant psych rock in the style of Bardo Pond, and gloomy dark moods of Japanese freak out outfit Acid Mothers Temple.
This album is so good, that although it’s not the typical road soundtrack, it has been playing in my ears a lot while I’m taking the bus. Don’t ask me why. My desire to kill everyone on board, fits in well with the apocalyptic guitar work, the strong rhythm section and the chainsaw work of the dominant cello.

Yep, we’ve only just began and here we are with one of the albums to make it to the best of lists. If everyone would stop making so much fuss about Justin Bieber.

[Audio] Primordial Undermind – Time Being
[RIYL] Bardo Pond, Amon Duul II, Acid Mothers Temple, Spacerock
[BUY- Support the artist] Strange Attractors Audio House

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